Maintaining Membership

Safety on the fireground is of paramount importance to our members. Firefighters using unsafe (or old) practices and procedures on the fireground can endanger themselves, their fellow firefighers and other people present. To ensure you maintain a minimum level of up-to-date knowledge and skill, our Brigade has established a minimum time commitment through our Brigade constitution that you must meet to maintain your membership and operational status. Our minimum requirement is that you must attend for 10+ hours over the Brigade year. Attendance can be for


Community Education Activities


Our Brigade also relies on fundraising to maintain or enhance operational capabilities and improve facilities. We ask our members to support one core fundraising activity over the Brigade year if possible.

Attendance is reviewed by the incoming Executive after the Annual General Meeting at the end of May each year and prior to the upcoming fire season. Members who have not met the minimum attendance requirement are contacted by the Brigade Secretary to confirm their interest in remaining a member of the Brigade. Members will then be advised of the next steps to either restore knowledge and skills or change their membership status.