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Becoming a volunteer firefighter takes significant time and resources.  Our Brigade has established a process for the management of prospective members that is designed give you an excellent introduction to being a volunteer and on how we operate and manage the Brigade.  Here's how we work with you to become a member of the Brigade.

    • Contact us or come down to training.  We train on the first Monday evening of each month from 6:30pm and the third Saturday morning of each month from 9:00am. Contact us or just come on down to training and introduce yourself to get the ball rolling.
    • Attend three training sessions over the next three months.  We ask that you attend three training sessions over a maximum of three months so that you can experience what it's going to be like being a member of the Brigade.  Throughout this period you'll be supported by a Field Officer who'll ensure you get a good look at most things the Brigade does.
    • Membership application and interview.  Once you've attended three training sessions with us, we'll encourage you to take the next step and submit your application to become a volunteer in the RFS. With an interview completed and RFS paperwork lodged and membership checks completed, you'll be eligible to become a Probationary Member of our Brigade.
    • Probationary membership to Basic Firefighter (BF) certification.  Once you become a probationary member, your training begins in earnest towards your BF certification.  Usually you must complete your BF before you can be voted a full member of the Brigade and before you can attend any incidents.  The process of ontaining your BF qualification can take between 6 and 12 months.
    • Full membership.  With your BF certification, the existing members of the Brigade will be asked to vote on you becoming a full member at a Brigade Meeting.  More than 50% of the members at that meeting must vote yes for you to become a full member of the Brigade.


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